24 hours trip in bangkok

This is the summary of bangkok’s trip, i actually always hang out every month and sometimes twice a week but now I’m reducing not to go out as often as before anymore. Just once a month is enough for me.

Smoking is a waste of money! In comparison to drinking. It can potentially be a dangerous thing in my life.

Anyway, let’s start with my trip here.

I started with the bus number 524 to Sanam luang ! you can take from wherever you are, but the destination has to be there. Then I went to The Emerald Buddha temple. The Grand Palace and Wat Pra Kaew are places you must visit while you are in Bangkok. Both have considerable historical significance and are extremely beautiful places to see. I took about 1 hour there and moved my ass to Wat Po.

Most of people always forget to list this temple in their plan. It’s actually a very nice place. You can see a wide landscape from Golden Mount and all sightseeings in suitable distance. I was there and the weather was so great that time. It was windy and warm. But if you go this time might be extremely hot.

Golden Mount was once the highest point in Bangkok. This 80-meter tall artificial hill, also known as Phu Khao Thong, features an impressive golden chedi at its summit and is part of Wat Saket. However, it is interesting for its long history and its use as a cremation and burial site for so many people.

I’ve done my sightseeing tours and it’s time to go dining. I took a boat behind the Grand Palace to Taksin Bridge.

From Taksin to Paragon(Siam Station). I went dining there at Paragon.

I was too tired to continue my trip. I felt drowsy and lacking energy after eating. But still went to chill around at Nana area. The drink woke me up again and I felt energetic.

I was there till 12 a.m. Nightclubs in Thailand are supposed to close at 2 a.m. but the rule is often broken. less well-known clubs and underground clubs would push the envelope, staying open till 3, 4 or even 6 a.m. If you’re looking for nightclubs after 2.00 a.m. You can go to other clubs by calling the taxi to drop you there. Don’t worry about the fare; it’s a free taxi because they’ll get a commission from the drink that you’ll order.

I was in the nightclubs till the 6.00 a.m. and I was so sleepy. I called the taxi from the street and he brought me back home safely.

Definitely, I hungover and I hated it.

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