Hua hin Tips and recommendations; day trip or short trip.

I’ve never been to Hua Hin in my life before until my friend invited me to go .She has asked me many times but I’ve always refused until I searched about it and found that it is interesting place to go. it’s nice to change the place sometime as i always go to pattaya.

I took a van at the century department store. If you want to go there, there are several agencies that run the minivans at the monument in front of Rajavitee hospital section. Vans depart every 30 minutes from 6am to 6 pm daily. The trip takes around 2.5 hours.

How to get there?

– Take a minivans at monument 100-120 baht (3.9 USD)
– Take a bus a the terminal
– Take a taxi (which will cost you around 45 USD or 1300 USD baht) so dont take it
– Take a train

Some tips and suggestions for traveling

– Riding a motorcycle is dangerous here. Don’t try to do it on the main street. You might get hit by trucks. There’re so many trucks here running on the road.
– Cha Am is just 20 minutes away, try a trip at the weekend when it’s busy with visitors from Bangkok and you enjoy the fun atmosphere, or weekdays when it is quiet.
– if you have time , just go here at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard
– Hua Hin is a very popular place to go. Plenty of shopping, beaches aren’t bad. It’s a quiet and not polluted like Pattaya.
– Beaches are rocky and not a swimmers beach.

Where you shouldn’t miss ;

– Plearnwan is one of the most attractive places in Hua Hin
“Plearnwan is the place that make you feel like travel back to the past via the time machine to scene the emotion of Hua Hin good old day. This place became suddenly famous because of its own style and the design. It seems to include just about every imaginable kind of store you might wish to visit, including boutiques selling clothes, a beauty salon, food stalls, massage center and etc. In area plearnwan also decorated place provide for the photograph.”

In my opinion, Plearnwan is a new interesting place. You shouldn’t miss. But keep in mind that everything here is expensive.

– Railway Station

– Marukhathaiyawan Palace

– Khao Takiab

Travel Costs

the guesthouse here is a bit expensive than in Pattaya but not much different.
you might pay for around 800-1100 baht a day. The transportation to many places will cost a lot of money. Better way is to rent a motor because you can get to many places easily but take care yourself too.

the expenses for 3 days 2 nights will be like 3000 baht or less than that if you know how to spend it.

Riding on the street


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