Koh Larn (Tawaen Beach); Tips and Suggestions

Mid-term exams almost killing me. I was not ready to do any exam and it was really suck as i expected. I really don’t understand why the school gives 10 days holidays for everyone. and that postpone my final exam for 20 days. Of course, i don’t want it. I want my days back and i want to study to extend my holidays in may ! I know that nobody’s gonna listen to me and change the thing back. hahahaha. I got my day offs now and i have to use it.

This really amazed me by its beautiful and the water was clean and refreshing. As I’ve been told so many times that pattaya is great for me and Pattaya is more a night life destination with a beach. But Koh Larn may be an alternative for people to get away from nightlife. Koh Larn is a lush green tropical island. There are many activities here for visitors to enjoy, some include para sailing, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat, swimming in tropical waters and some spectacular views to take pictures.

The easy way to get here is going to Laem Bali high port can be found on the end of Walking street. Then take a boat which will cost about 30 baht. I supposed to come to stay for my entire vacation but unlucky that i had to go back to Pattaya for my friend’s event.

when i first reached to the island.

Tawaen Beach is crowded with tourists

I sunbathed for the rest of the day here.

Many tourists were here and it’s always crowded when you come here in the afternoon.  i took the whole day here to record the video with the broken camera. what i got was really disappointed. The video exhibit lots of shaking and not so clear. Need to buy a high quality camera or video recorder next time. LOL
and here’s also the place where i lost my tank top, i remembered that i took off my cloth when i reached the port then i took the mini bus to the beach. Maybe i lost it on the mini bus.

Sometimes something can sound fun but not be as fun once you try it

How to get there?

– by bus
– by van
– by taxi
– by train
(to Pattaya first) then take a ferry or speed boat as u like
speed boat will cost you a lot of money.

Things you should do when you get there

– Find a place to sunbath
– Buy snacks and things to eat before getting to the island ( everything is expensive here)

Some tips and suggestions for traveling

– Bring your own beers from Pattaya
– There are many places to stayover night here

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