Uthai Thani : Viharn Kaew

Wat tha sung has been announced as The tourist attraction in Thailand. And it’s popular for all tourists especially the Viharn Kaew that decorated with glasses and I really like glasses reflection.

This old temple was built in Ayuthaya period. It has been developed and it’s very exquisite and elaborate architecture. It was worthwhile to visit this place and was amazing.

Easy way to come here is taking a van at the Victory Monument. Vans depart every hour or until the van is full. When you reach the destination, Get across the street and wait for the blue minibus or you can ask them if they’re going to Wat thasung.

The Temple area is so large. There are 2 options, Taking the minibus into the temple or if you want to walk just walk. But I’m pretty sure that they’ll follow you and bring you to the bus. I was there for 2 hours and after that moved to another temple that close to here.

Opposite side of the temple will a temple and it’s close to The Sa Kae Krang River. You can some activities here like feeding fishes or make a donation to the temple if you want. Be careful the dog that sleep along the way in that temple. Don’t step on their tails if you don’t want to get bite.

This day was fun! But I still love the beach more than anywhere else. Maybe, if I go to somewhere else that different than the beach or more interesting. I might change my mind and only go to that place.

How to get there?

-Take a minivan from the victory monument
-Take a bus (Bus terminal)

Travel Costs

Less than 500 baht (16.2 USD)

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