Phuket:Once in a life time

Many people have asked me the way to Phuket, Which actually so easy especially for the foreigners. Some people call “The pearl of Andaman”. Because it’s so beautiful and there are so many activities to do here!

This is the reason it became a tourist attraction.

I took a bus in Khaosarn which is normally not allowed Thai people to book a ticket or even buy it (in some companies that offer for only foreign tourists). Those agencies accept only foreigners because of the policy that want to stimulate the traveling. The ticket here is so cheap but they only reserved for foreigners. Because foreigners will have to pay more when they get there, actually I can have this cheap price but I must go with a foreigner.

I tried hard to find a cheap ticket. Finally, I overpaid for ticket here but its ok, because i don’t want to go to the Southern bus terminal which located so far.

But one good thing if you to take a bus at the Bus terminal. You might get it cheaper or similar price and moreover you will be safer and not get cheated by anyone.

On the way to Phuket, the bus has stopped at Surat thani. One man came and said we’re already here!! All passengers were upset even me. I immediately felt like this might be a trick to use to get more money and yep it was!

So I decided to go by that van, and finally I arrived there in 3 hours. I didn’t rent a motorcycle that time, still used my friend’s motorcycle.

Here’s the place i stayed. It’s around 900 baht (30 USD)

I was in Jungceylon in the evening

Karon beach

Lam Poem tep. is the most beautiful place to see sunset in Phuket. A beautiful sunset is nature’s way to be romantic, so please take your sweetheart to watch a sunset together.

There is nothing better than to enjoy a sunset on a nice place like this.(Karon beach)

At night we went around by motorcycles, you can rent it with 250 baht. And don’t forget to bring your driving license or wear a helmet. if you don’t want to have a problem with Thai polices.

The second day ,I drove around Phuket Island with 2 and a half hours, so excited. I followed 3 motorcycles that drove ahead me. I saw many beautiful landscapes and spectacular coastal scenery of Phuket while driving around The Island.

There was no traffic on the road here and not polluted. But I’m not sure about the future if people start to use more cars and it might be like traffic in Pattaya.

The traffic rules were very strict. My friends always warned me even they’re not Thai. I had to obey them because this was my first time here.


It was rain that night, and I got wet! I went back home to wait until the rain stopped pouring down. Then I went to the nightclub and got back home around 5-6 am.

I wish I could stay here longer. But I had no more money to survive and my friends were heading to Samui.

In Phuket, There are a hundred agencies selling packages and offer you a cheap price to go. Example Go to samui from phuket cost only 500 baht.

For the last day, I went to some places again to collect some pictures before going back home!

If I had more money, I’d have stayed with this nature longer :'(
Anyway this experience made me know how much should I spend here? I promised myself that next time I will come here again. Maybe go to the most beautiful Island on P P ?

How to get there?

– By Bus (take about 12-15 hours )
– By plane

Where you shouldn’t miss in Phuket for travelers on a budget

– Lam Poem tep
– Big Buddha
– Phang Nga Bay

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