Nakornnayok : No more here.

I was supposed to be somewhere on this New Year 11, But unfortunately that my mum called me to visit her in Korat. It was a terrible new year for me and for next year if she calls me again. I think I’ll not go there anymore LOL.

I have begged her to see something interesting such as mountain or sunrise in Khao yai, but she insisted that we need to stay together for this New Year. Luckily, that my uncle listened to me and finally brought me to the waterfall and see the biggest elephant god in Nakornnayok.

On the way to Nakornnayok, the traffic was terrible, because people headed to their hometown on this day.

I sat in the pickup truck and got burn because of the sun light. It took 2 hours and a half from Korat to Nakornnayok made my face became black and the sunscreen coundn’t help me at all.

I went to The Elepant God fisrt then Nangrong waterfall. The elephant god is so huge. It is considered to be The Biggest Elephant God in Thailand.

Narong waterfall is close enough to visit simply to swim in a cool waterfall rock pool and enjoy beautiful tropical forests. I took an hour to swim at the waterfall. then got back home

Nangrong waterfall is no really beautiful compared to others. I think Sarika waterfall would be better. It’s one of the nicest places to relax.

However, This New Year was suck! But at least I saw something interesting here.

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