Koh larn ;Samae Beach with my old friends.

Koh Larn is a wonderful little island in the Gulf of Thailand. I woudn’t like to elaborate more about this island cuz i’ve been here many times already.it fasinated me and i love to be here again if there’s a chance. .

I’ve never discovered all the beaches on this island but the lastest that i went there, i found one of the nice beaches it’s called “Samae beach” I made this trip cuz my friends wanted me to go with them. Seriously, this time i wanted to be far far away from people but not as i expected. Still crowded with people. What can i do? Just be in my own chair and see many other beach activities that people do in here.

I took so much time think about the past and my future as always, Everything i’ve planned wasn’t on my plans. I hate waiting so much. All the jobs that they offered were rejected because of my unpredictable time.

I took my friends around the place and brought them to places where they never saw before. We took a lot of pictures on the beach and discussed a lot about our life. We did promise that we will see again after graduation. My friends study different universities. we do a lot of chat on messenger everyday. Hahaha seems boring but we really have nothing to do.

Nightlife and prostitution can be easily seen in Pattaya. Our first day was in Pattaya city. We took so much time laid on the beach at night before going to explore new night clubs. After we came back to room. Pa Ji wanted to go out get some beers outside the Hotel. We found one karaoke nearby the hotel. and we headed to that place immediately. We stayed there until 3 A.m. ( i guess) and the other day we went to Samae beach that i mentioned eailer.

Our trip was so so so for me. But it was really fun for my friends hahaha.

Hope that next trip it would be more fun ^_^

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