The Land Of 3 Cultures ,The Land of Sangkhlaburi.

I’ve been wondering all the time about the underwater temple there, When i saw a picture from one site was given by my friend. I wanted to see this mysterious thing with my own eyes but it’s way far from Bangkok. Yeah, it’s worth to see.

I did search out some information about this place where dam which flooded a valley of Sangkhlaburi and also parts of the old city. It’s interesting to see those local people’s living after the flood has spread out extensively across large areas, Also natural attractions. My trip started in early morning.

The first place I arrived is called Tiger cave temple. There’s a big giant Buddha on hill. When you get to the top, you will see spectacular view the rice filed and the lake which impressed me a lot. There are two ways to get to the hill by cable cars or long stairs. If you choose the second way, you will be losing all energy. But if you choose the shaking cable car, you will get excited all the way up.

“taking a cable car”

The second place I visited was Naresuan movie studio. This place is kinda boring in my opinion, but it’s ok if you are a fan of epic movie and like to see the real location where they filmed the movie. With fake stuffs and all parts of temples that are made of foam. You will be enjoying and touching things all the time even they warn you not to touch it. I saw a big group of students were breaking things around like a toy but i couldn’t say it out to anyone cuz i did break something there too.

It took almost 2 hours from the second place to Sankhlaburi, and I finally arrived at Samprasob resort where you can clearly see the best view of Mon bridge. It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand linking Sangkhlaburi and Mon Villiages. The mon village across the bridge was formed by Mon refugees from Burman. There’s not much happening here,but the nice view from the restaurant at the resort will impress you all day long. I stayed overnight here and couldn’t really get my eyes close at night because of the nice weather and things to talk with friends through Facebook. The wifi couldn’t reach to my room. So, I went outside to the restaurant to use internet. This place reminds me of something which I couldn’t remember now while I’m writing.

Sankhlaburi in the evening

“taking a picture of myself on the famous brigde”


The activity in the morning was renting a boat to see the underwater temple where I’ve been wondering all the time. When the boat arrived at the underwater temple, I wasn’t impressed it cuz the temple looks new and the water level was not so high. I can see the ground through the transparent water on the boat. There is only the view of Sangkhlaburi that really impressed me. The rest of the trip like Wat Wang Wiwekaram and The tiger cave temple were so so.

“Morning at the resort”

“the underwater temple “

I came back to BKK in that day after overnight staying. Nothing to recommend you to do, but only Samprasob resort that you should come to visit.

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